My Two Favorite Blushes

rms-blush-beautycounterFor me, several factors go into choosing a blush: color, intensity, and longevity. I’ve found two clean options that check off all these boxes for me: RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek in Demure ($36) and Beautycounter’s Powder Blush Duo in Bloom/Tulip ($40).

The RMS version is a cream blush formula, which I love both for its ease and longevity. It layers on skin really nicely, so I can create a flush to the intensity I prefer. It also doubles as a lipcolor, which comes in handy when I forget my lip gloss because I’m always switching bags. I like that I can tap this on on cheeks with my fingertips and get a really nice glow in a few seconds flat.

The Beautycounter version is a powder blush that glides on skin really beautifully. It’s more subtle than the RMS version, both because of the shade, which is a little lighter, and because it’s a powder, so the finish is “airier.” I definitely have to swipe more on when I want more color, but it blends effortlessly and always looks natural no matter how much I apply.

I know prices of both of these products are on the higher side, but they really do last a long time. And they’re both clean, which so you’re paying for high-quality, non-toxic ingredients. I’d love to hear what your favorite blushes are! Creams, powders, stains — give me all your favorite formulas!

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