Natural Deodorant Showdown

I’m making a conscious effort to phase out any products in my regimen that are not clean.  Deodorant is one of the most toxic personal care products on the market, with traditional versions containing chemicals that have been linked to cancer and other nasty side effects. I have tried several different versions of natural deodorant, and while I liked the ones that worked for me, every body reacts differently, so please don’t hold fast to my recommendations! Try a few for yourself (and believe me, it is definitely a trial-and-error process) and see which ones you react best to.

schmidts-deodorantSchmidt’s Lavender & Sage Deodorant Stick ($9): This was my top pick. It had a nice, non-traditional scent, and it really worked! I did not have any irritation from it, and best of all, it kept me odor-free, even through a few grueling (aka sweaty) workouts. (Image via Macy’s)

primal-pit-pastePrimal Pit Paste Lavender Stick ($10.95): I’m going to be honest, I really wanted this deodorant to be the winner. I love the formula, which is similar to a firmer, non-greasy Vaseline, meaning it doesn’t go on white or chalky (no clothing stains!). But pit detox is a real thing, and I definitely experienced it with this deodorant. My skin was red, irritated, inflamed, and just generally gross for the duration of using this product. Because I’m a wuss, I gave up after a few weeks, which was probably premature and didn’t allow me to fully reap the benefits of this product. I’m actually going to give it another shot. (Image via PPP)

Click to see the other products I tried.

toms-deodorantTom’s of Maine Original Care Deodorant ($4.50): Overall, this stick was ok. I felt like it worked some days, while it didn’t other days. It’s not super powerful, and I felt like it didn’t last through an entire day. It’s also unscented, which I like, because I’m not really into synthetic or overpowering fragrances. (Image via Tom’s)

tarte-clean-queenTarte Clean Queen ($14): This vegan formulation was at the bottom of my list. It just didn’t work. I smelled every day I used this and it really irritated my skin/gave me pit detox symptoms. I wasn’t a fan of this. (Image via Tarte)

If you’ve tried any natural deodorants, I’d love to hear what your favorites are!

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