New NARS Kabuki Brushes

nars-kabuki-brushes-aug2014The collection of NARS Kabuki Brushes is considered to be the holy grail of makeup brushes by many beauty experts. These brushes are on the pricier side, but they’re exquisitely made and durable; they’ll last for years and will hardly show signs of wear.

Now the collection is expanding with three new brushes added to the lineup. And, just like the brushes in the existing collection, these are designed to be multi-use tools so you can try different products and application techniques with them.

nars-mie-kabukiMie Kabuki Brush ($55): For applying pressed and loose face powders. The double-domed design deposits product evenly and cleanly. Can also be used to apply blush or highlighter powder. Features a hand-spun wisteria handle that echoes the kabuki’s heritage.

nars-mizubake-kabukiMizubake Kabuki Brush ($55): Sculpt cheeks and apply bronzer like a pro with this flat-topped brush. Allows for controlled application to highlight and contour the face. Can also be used to apply blush or face powder.

nars-kudoki-kabukiKudoki Kabuki Brush ($40): The angled edge of this brush is great for sculpting the crease and contouring the eyelid. You can also use it as a liner brush, to deposit pigment in the corners of the eyes, or to blend and soften eyeshadow and liner. This brush features a soft-touch handle.

The new brushes make their debut on August 1, 2014 at North American NARS counters and online. (I’ve seen them available now on Lord & Taylor’s website.) The existing brushes are available now.

Image via NARS

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