Number 4 Haircare

number-4-haircareI’m such a sucker for good packaging. Beauty products that are housed in interesting bottles, tubes, and jars are that much more appealing to me. When I saw the clean, modern design of Number 4 Haircare‘s product packaging, I had to learn more about the brand.

Number 4 Haircare’s philosophy is rooted in natural ingredients, technology, and cutting-edge hairstyles. Their full range of hair products includes everything from shampoo to thermal styling spray, and they’re all vegan; environmentally friendly; free of sulfates, parabens, alcohol, and sodium chloride; and not tested on animals.


If you’re looking to dip your toes in the water with this brand, I’d recommend Blow Dry Lotion ($32). It cuts down on drying time (who doesn’t love that in summer?), and smooths down strands while glossing up locks.

Have you tried Number 4 before? What did you think?

Images via Number 4

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