Obsessed With Bare Escentuals Faux Tan

I’m obssessed. As in, utterly and completely head-over-heels for a product. This doesn’t happen often — maybe a few times during the course of a lifetime? — but when it does, it’s major. I can remember the last time it happened: summer 2009, when Giorgio Armani launched Eyes to Kill mascara. But before that, it’s hard to tell when I was last so fully in love with a product.

I bought the big bottle (16oz.) of Bare Escentuals Faux Tan and kabuki brush because I’d heard rave reviews about its true-to-life natural tan results. If you’re anything like me, very fair with skin that just does not tan (only burns), it’s nearly impossible to flaunt sun-kissed, healthy-looking skin during the summer.  Fake tans from self-tanner look ridiculous 99% of the time. The market is flooded with self-tanners that are sticky, orangey, streaky, and smelly. What’s the point if it doesn’t look real? You don’t want everyone to know your tan is fake.

Faux Tan comes out thick, the color of molasses, much like the St. Tropez sunless lotion I wrote about last week. In fact, the two formulas seem very similar (I haven’t compared the labels yet, but I suspect they’re sharing a lot of the same ingredients).

This is where it’s at: the Body Buffing kabuki brush. This makes all the difference in the world. The brush is limited-edition, and even if you’re not using Faux Tan, I recommend you get this brush while you can if you use any kind of sunless tanner. It’s a little miracle worker.

Squeeze a bit of Faux Tan into the palm of your hand, and dip the kabuki brush in it, picking up a small amount. Buff the brush over your skin in a circular motion, and you’ll be able to see exactly how it blends. There are 2 big reasons why you’ll have zero to very few streaks/mistakes when using this brush: it diffuses the tanner into an even application, and you can see exactly where it glides on and how it blends, making it simple to correct mistakes before they develop. There’s not much else to say, other than this tanner imparts gorgeously tanned, glowing skin. Not orange, not fake. In fact, it looks like a professional airbrush tan, which I think is the most realistic way to tan. The slogan on the bottle reads “better than real,” and I have to agree.

A few helpful tips:

1. Dry skin soaks this stuff up, which can leave you with dark spots. Apply a light layer of body lotion to any dry areas (elbows, feet, heels, ankles) before you apply; it’ll act as a barrier cream and prevent the tanner from fully absorbing.

2. Faux Tan sinks right into the palms of your hands, and dries quickly. Use rubber gloves to make your life easier. Or wash your hands immediately after application, using an exfoliating hand wash only on your palms. If you still can’t get the color out, rub a lemon wedge over your palms; this will lift the stain.

3. I like applying Faux Tan before bed so I wake up glowing, but it will stain your sheets and pajamas. I sleep in old pjs that I don’t care about, and before I wash my sheets, I treat them with Shout. This helps lift the stain–for the most part.

Have you ever tried Faux Tan? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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13 Responses to Obsessed With Bare Escentuals Faux Tan

  1. JLO's Biggest Fan says:

    I don’t quite agree with the kabuki application. The hairs on a kabuki are porous, and would force you to use alot more product than what you would need. I’ve tried St. Tropez and I’m glad you gave a positive review- it’s just pricey! I will try the Faux Tan- sans the kabuki. Is it within the same price range as the St. Tropez?

  2. SugarSocial says:

    St. Tropez is pricey — this is more budget-friendly, at $22 for a 4.5oz. bottle.

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  4. Liz says:

    With such a rave review, I’ll have to try this! Really not too happy with what I’m using now (a drugstore brand).

  5. YaYa says:

    Love it!

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  7. I purchased the big daddy faux tanner that came with the thin horizontal bristle. I purchased it on bareesentuals.com. (GREAT DEAL) It was on sale for a short short time and I was lucky to nab it for around 40.00. I missed QVC TSV. I received the horizontal thinner bristle onebut I have not used it yet. However, I feel the larger round one with the ball shape on top would work better. Anyone have an opinion? Used the one I have or the round one? The round one I am thinking of is on ebay for $26.00 to $29.00. Should I spend the extra or go with the one I have. Please give your opinions, Thank you!!

    • SugarSocial says:

      That’s awesome you scored such a deal! I think the only difference would be in the ease of application. You’re supposed to rub Faux Tan on in a circular motion; if you don’t buff it in, it can cause light streaking. The flat brush might be a little harder to maneuver, but as long as you can work the tanner into your skin in a circular motion, you should be fine. The only advantage that the circular brush has is that it moves really easily over your skin in circles. Why don’t you try the one you have before you spend the extra money? It might work great for you. Thanks for reading!

  8. Caron Dowell says:

    Does anyone know if this product is available in the UK? I have just tried to find it locally but with no joy HELP PLEASE!!

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  10. Jen says:

    How have I been using Faux tan this whole time & never heard of this brush?! Do they still make it?

    • sugarsocial says:

      Jen, unfortunately they don’t. This was a limited-edition brush that I got a few years back as part of a special package.

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