Bobbi Brown Launches Pretty Powerful 2.0

Last year, Bobbi Brown launched her Pretty Powerful campaign celebrating the natural beauty of women. Now, she’s launched Pretty Powerful 2.0, because her first campaign was wildly successful. Bobbi’s philosophy is that all women are beautiful, and with makeup, they can be pretty powerful. Scores of women have already entered to become the face of Pretty Powerful 2.0, sharing their secrets of confidence beauty (both inner and outer).

This campaign sends a wonderful message to women of all ages: that being yourself is naturally beautiful, and that our unique qualities should be celebrated.

It takes guts to be photographed without makeup. These women stepped out of their comfort zones and fearlessly ventured in front of the camera to show what Pretty Powerful 2.0 is all about. Here are some of the before-and-after shots of women involved with the campaign. Each is beautiful in its own unique way.

Hannah Davis, 21 (You may recognize her as the face of some of Bobbi’s more recent promo photos.)

Perivush Shahzad Ansari, 30

More images after the jump.

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Deborah Lippmann Holiday 2011

It’s not even September, and the holiday beauty collections are starting to roll out. First up: Deborah Lippmann‘s holiday line of nailpolishes. The chunky glitter polishes are great as a topcoat, to add a little sparkle to any mani. And the other polishes are flecked with microfine glitter to give your nails a hint of shimmer. They’re perfectly festive; great for holiday parties and even the most routine shopping excursion.
Pictured above: Do Ya Think I’m Sexy; Glamorous Life

More photos and details after the jump.

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Burberry Body Fragrance Launches

Burberry is gearing up to launch their new fragrance, Body. The bottle, designed by Burb’s chief creative officer Christopher Bailey, features the signature Burberry nova check pattern. Inside, you’ll find a fragrances that combines top notes of green absinthe, peach, and freesia; rose, sandalwood, and iris at the core; and creamy vanilla, musk, and amber as the base.

Want to get a whiff of Body? Like Burberry on Facebook for a chance to sample the fragrance. It officially launches this Thursday, September 1.Images via Burberry

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Beauty at the 2011 VMAs

MTV’s 2011 Video Music Awards took over LA on Sunday night, and the fashion blogs were promptly abuzz with coverage. Here are the night’s most memorable looks, broken down into best and worst categories for your viewing pleasure.

Photo via International Business Times
‘s baby bump dominated the night. I can’t remember when I’ve seen her look so beautiful. A sideswept wavy pony and dewy makeup in a neutral palette are proof that you don’t have to overdo it to look glam. Add dangly sparklers and an orange Lanvin gown, and you’ve got a blueprint for how to look like a chic, radiant mom-to-be.

Photo via Temptalia
Adele is just adorable. She arrived at the show looking beautiful in this retro ‘do and mod dress, then switched into a wavy pony and a sheer black-on-black polka-dot dress for her live performance. There are few things more beautiful than her voice — but her VMA looks are giving it a run for its money.

Photo via Temptalia
With her signature smoky eyes, glam nude lips, and perfectly groomed brows, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Kim K. looked better at the VMAs than at her multi-million dollar wedding.

Photo via AOL
It’s Britney, bitch! I wouldn’t classify her as the best of the night, but compared to her past appearances, this is a huge step in the right direction. I was shocked to see Britney looking kind of…normal. Not as good as her halcyon days, but a marked improvement. Although I miss her bald, umbrella-wielding rants, I’m glad to see she’s finally looking healthy again.

More looks after the jump.

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MAC Fall ’11: MAC Me Over

Every season or so, MAC releases a juggernaut collection that is sure to inspire awe and seriously make your wallet ache. MAC Me Over is the big mama of their fall collections. Confession: I had actually been putting off writing about it because there was just so much info and so many products, it was overwhelming. But as Hurricane Irene battered Philly over the weekend, I had time to hunker down and take a good, long look at it all.

To debut this collection, MAC hosted an online casting call. They picked 6 lucky individuals (5 ladies, 1 guy) to model the final looks in their very own personalized MAC-over. The collection is broken down into 3 sections; 2 models are included in each section.

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Poppy King for J.Crew Lipstick

I am not a red lipstick girl.

My fair skin and blonde hair don’t lend themselves kindly to big, bold red. It washes me out and makes me feel clownish. But when I saw photos of J.Crew models adopting a beautiful coral-y/red lip (see below), I loved it.I admired it from afar, until I saw that J.Crew had teamed up with lipstick legend Poppy King (of Lipstick Queen fame) to develop a signature lipcolor. Two of my obsessions collaborating on one project! It seemed like the perfect merging of fashion and beauty. Not quite red, not quite coral, and certainly not orange, the shade (titled “Poppy King”) was hailed as universally flattering.

And then it started hitting the blogs. Instantly, it was sold out everywhere. I had to have it. Continue reading

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Chanel Fall ’11: Les Jeans de Chanel

Whenever Chanel releases a fall nail collection, you can guarantee that the shades will rise to megastar status — and be nearly impossible to find. Get ready to embark on the search of your life!

Mass nailpolish hysteria is inevitable with Les Jeans de Chanel, their fall ’11 denim-inspired mini collection of 3 shades reminiscent of denim washes. Blue Rebel mimics the appearance of dark-rinse jeans, Coco Blue is a light sky-blue, and Blue Boy is the color of medium-washed denim. Peter Philips, creative director of Chanel beauty, dreamed up the collection.

And getting your hands on this won’t be quite as easy as heading to the Chanel beauty counter at your local department store. Les Jeans de Chanel will launch on Sept. 8 as part of Fashion’s Night Out at events across the U.S. After FNO11, you can find it exclusively in Chanel boutiques and on through the end of September.

What do you think? Will you try to snag a bottle for yourself? Do you love the colors, or are you going to pass?

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L’Oreal Studio Secrets The OneSweep Sculpting Blush Duo

Sometimes, there are cosmetics that look great but are better in theory than in practice. L’Oreal Studio Secrets The OneSweep Sculpting Blush Duo (approx. $12) is one of those products.

I love the design and intent of this blush-bronzer duo. A split-pan compact holds a pretty pink blush for cheeks, and a bronze-toned shade to contour the cheeks. Contouring is key — there’s no better way to fake model-esque cheekbones than by contouring! But it’s also a step that’s overlooked, either because ladies don’t know how or are short on time. This conquers both of those reasons; it was designed to let you blush and contour in one easy step. Continue reading

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MAC Fall ’11: Styledriven

Styledriven, one of MAC‘s fall 2011 collections, is all about staying power. Each of the products featured are the brand’s signature Pro LongWear formula; they go the distance with smudging, fading, creasing, or smearing. New in this collection are a long-lasting eyeshadow, an indelible lip pencil, and two new lipcolors (a creme stick and a gloss) that make your pretty pout last through kissing, sipping, and even nibbling. They last for 15 solid hours…so you can go from work to play without retouching.

See photos, prices, and release dates after the jump.

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GIVEAWAY: Billion Dollar Brows (Closed)

Update: Congrats to winner Leah!

I’ve been waiting for months to tell you about Brow Boost ($19.95) by celebrity-loved L.A. brow salon Billion Dollar Brows. This brow regrowth serum has been a godsend for me. I overplucked my brows into rectangles in high school (still not sure how that was possible) and then into super-skinny, super-high arches (aka triangles) that made me look permanently surprised. Not good looks, to say the least. So after years of overplucking (and reading about destroyed follicles that will never grow hair again), I thought growing out my brows into the full, lush arches I desired was a lost cause.

Then I got a tube of Brow Boost. Continue reading

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