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better-hairThe secret to great hair isn’t a huge mystery, yet it can be so easy to fall into an unhealthy hair rut. Good news: just a few product tweaks will get your hair on the road to recovery. Even gals with difficult, uncooperative hair can have better hair days with a few key products.

Dry Shampoo: So many women wash their hair more often than they need to. (Ask your stylist how often you should lather up.) Overwashing strips the hair shaft of its natural oils, which help hair repair itself and protect it from the elements. To get a clean look without sudsing up, spray some dry shampoo on your mane, concentrating at the roots. It will soak up oil and nix that greasy look without the stripping action of shampoo. A few choices: Batiste Dry Shampoo ($8) and TRESemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo ($5.50).

aliigator-clipsAlligator Clips (these are from Keratin Complex, $10): These hinged clips are a necessity when blowdrying hair. Sectioning hair is key to a great blowout, and these grip hair firmly to hold it back without tugging or damaging.

leave-inLeave-In Conditioner: A light mist of this can help hydrate your hair long after you step out of the shower. Spritzing on before combing through damp hair can help with detangling, too. A little goes a long way; only spray on a few pumps to avoid weighing hair down. An inexpensive option: Alberto VO5 Daily Weightless Leave-In Conditioner ($5).

Wide-Tooth Comb: Using a wide-tooth plastic comb on your tresses is so much less damaging than using a regular brush. The gaps between the teeth of the comb are wider, and hair slides through them easier due to the smooth plastic. You can tackle tough knots while incurring less damage.

garnier-argan-oilArgan Oil: Using argan oil on hair can help in a multitude of ways: it gives hair moisture, strengthens the cellular structure of the cuticle, gives hair flexibility and elasticity(which reduces breakage), repairs damage incurred by color treatments, and infuses nutrients into strands. Use a moderate amount on ends, where damage is usually most evident, and stay away from roots, where the oil can make hair look greasy. A few good ones: Garnier Fructis Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment ($6) and AG Cosmetics The Oil Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Soothing Oil ($18).

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