Recommendations from Beautiful Ladies

My friends inspire me in so many different ways. Each woman is so unique; in fact, they’re so different, I sometimes can’t believe they are ever in the same room together. Each lady possesses specific qualities that make her very special to me. This post is dedicated to my friends; even though we are scattered in different cities, I always keep them close to my heart. Here is what my girls are obsessed with lately.

Dark Green Nailpolish
She thought she’d try a lighter green shade since it’s finally spring. “It looked like algae was growing on my nails.” She’s sticking with dark green, which is tres chic for spring 2010.

Whiskey Ward
This Jersey City girl lives near the PATH train; in a hop, skip & a jump across the river, she’s in NYC, usually on the Lower East Side, where she has a new hangout. She says Whiskey Ward is “dingier, but always has some good music on.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race
This girl is obsessed with this show. Seriously. She won’t stop talking about it. I wake up in the morning to texts from her about it. “It’s the most amazing fabulous show!,” she says.

Vibram Five Fingers
I can’t believe I’m blogging about such ugly shoes! But Danielle’s excused for wanting these, cause she’s a runner. She wants to get a pair of these to help her with her form while running. Enthusiasts of barefoot running claim the foot moves more naturally when unencumbered by shoes. These slip on to mimic the natural motion of the feet, and provide a light rubber sole to protect Danielle from dangers that may be lying in the Baltimore streets. (But maybe she needs to buy a pair of fancy heels to counteract this purchase??)

Another thing Danielle is psyched about: having a washing machine that works again. “The joys of home ownership,” she says.

MAC eyeshadow in Club
My oldest friend turned me onto this shimmery, prismatic shadow. It catches light in certain ways that make it look green, brown and irridescent violet. “It looks different depending on what color you wear,” Jen says.

“Jersey Shore”
She pre-ordered the uncensored season 1 DVD the day it was available so she could relive the guidos, fist-pumping, and GTL. She loves this show.

Sunny spring weather
Who doesn’t love that?

Sweet Tea Vodka & Lemonade
“It’s so refresing and delicious, and it doesn’t even taste like alcohol!,” Steph gushes. To make this easy, summery drink for yourself, mix one part sweet tea vodka (Firefly is a great choice) with one part lemonade. Add fresh lemon slices to garnish. Stir. Sip. Love.

Edy’s Thin Mint Girl Scout ice cream
“I just told my husband the other night as I was eating it that I can’t imagine my life without it.” Enough said.

Moroccanoil hair serum
One of her all-time fave products, she says this has made her hair ultra-shiny. “A little goes a long way.”

Bedhead Queen for a Day Thickening Spray
Who needs a professional hairstylist with this girl’s arsenal of hair products? She uses this to plump up her locks and avoid flat hair. “Smells like grapefruit & really makes my hair voluminous!”

Philosophy Caramel Apple Lip Shine
This makes lips superglossy without drying them out. Tinted with a tiny hint of rosy-honey color, the shade is to-die-for on her. Bonus: it photographs well!

What are you loving lately? Tell me in the comments!

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7 Responses to Recommendations from Beautiful Ladies

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  2. Lynda says:

    Love this!

  3. marc nalgas says:

    loves it more than he loves sweet baby jesus!

  4. Gigi says:

    You have some of my faves — like Moroccanoil — in here. (And maybe Jersey Shore…)

  5. chengu says:

    If you’re friend is obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race, bring her to our Season Finale Party in nyc!!! Check it out at Tell her that the time has come for her to lip sync for her life! And that she shouldn’t F$%K it up!!

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