Revisited: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

too-faced-sweet-peachI have been on the hunt for a new eyeshadow palette for fall. I’m pretty particular about what I’m looking for: something with a mix of matte and shimmery shadows, with lots of fall colors (think rich greens, deep purples, dark and midtown browns, and taupes) that can double as neutrals. I was having the hardest time finding something that fit the bill. Then I looked in my vanity drawer and rediscovered an old palette I had tossed aside that was nearly perfect: Too Faced’s Sweet Peach Palette ($49).

TFsweetpeach3I can’t believe I purchased this and used it only a handful of times before deciding I didn’t like it. Now, it has almost everything I’ve been looking for in terms of shades, finishes, and variety; a mix of matte and shimmery shadows make it the ideal palette to toss in my purse and go. There are more warm shadows than cool, but they work well even on my cool skinĀ  (and they complement the other cool shades in the palette). As with all Too Faced eyeshadows, the texture makes these shadows high-quality. They’re easy to blend, evenly (highly) pigmented, and comfortable on the skin.TFsweetpeach2

The one thing I still don’t like about this palette is that the shadows are faintly peach-scented. But the colors are so good, I can overlook that (the scent isn’t noticeable at all when wearing the shadows).sweet-peach-eyeshadow

This has been the palette I’ve exclusively reached for over the past few weeks. I’m so glad I unearthed it in my drawer of old beauty products! Have you ever rediscovered a product that weren’t crazy about initially, but then fell in love with?

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