Revisiting Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow

imageI change up my beauty products and methods every so often, and my brows are no exception. Since I’ve been growing them in over the past few months, I felt that my standard “brow-pen-followed-by-pencil” routine made my newly thicker brows look too harsh. Searching for an alternative method, I dug out my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Waterproof Pomade in Blonde ($18) to give it another whirl. I bought this when it launched in late 2013 and used it only a handful of times. I don’t recall exactly why, but after a few wears, I just didn’t love it.

And now I’ve changed my mind. I find that this product looks more natural on my fuller brows. It’s a nice light shade (I’m blonde), and it’s long-wearing. It also adheres well to skin — key for areas where you’re missing hairs. It’s easy to mimic the look of individual hairs when using short strokes with a small angled brush. (Sidenote: My Mom got me the one pictured here years ago in a brush set from Costco, and I LOVE it! Seriously, Kirkland Signature brushes are good!) Since it’s a pomade it has a little hold, and I noticed that my MAC Brow Set tames my brows better when I apply it after Dipbrow. The main reason I like it so much right now is that it blends out naturally with a spoolie brush. This is key at the inner corners of my brows. I just like the effect better now that I’m working with fuller brows.

Have you tried Dipbrow? What do you think?

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