Rita Hazan Foaming Gloss

Summer is a fantastically fun time of year, but it has its drawbacks. Saltwater, chlorine, UV rays, and rollercoaster weather (heat, humidity, storms) all take a toll on color-treated hair. Celebrity colorist Rita Hazan launched a product that gives you a salon-quality boost at home. Her new Foaming Gloss ($26) prolongs the life of your color, while injecting your locks with a major dose of shine. It helps preserve your color, so you can try to stretch the time between salon appointments. Plus, less frequent touch-ups mean healthier hair. Apply the lightweight foam in the shower, and rinse when finished; it barely changes your normal shampoo/condition routine. You’ll get a lot of payoff with little effort.

The gloss is available in 3 shades: Clear (shininess for all hair types & colors), Enhances Golden Tones (for blondes, brunettes, & redheads), & Tones Down Brassiness (for blondes, brunettes, and gray-haired gals). All shades are sulfate- and paraben-free, so they’re safe for keratin-treated hair.

Image via Sephora

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