RMS Beauty Living Luminizer

rms1 copyI finally had the chance to try a product I’ve been coveting for a long time: RMS Beauty Living Luminizer ($38). I always hesitated to buy this because I usually like a more pronounced highlight, and I’d heard that this was very natural and subtle. Up until recently, I was a part-time employee at J.Crew, and I was able to use my employee discount to purchase this. (Third-party products generally are not eligible for the employee discount, so I was super happy that this made a special appearance!)

There is a reason why J.Crew uses this on its models. It is naturally beautiful.

rmsjar copyI also like that the ingredients are listed directly on the tiny pot, and they are all create a product that is certified organic: coconut oil, caster seed oil, beeswax, rosemary extract, tocopherol (a naturally-occurring chemical compound related to vitamin E), titanium dioxide, and mica (which some people believe to be harmful to the gastrointestinal system and liver).

I love a big, bold highlight, but this is perfect for when you want a healthy, glowy complexion without looking like you’re drowning in highlighter. It’s so natural-looking, and just makes your skin shine.

I like to apply this with my fingertips and dab it on cheeks. When I rub my fingertip on the surface of the pot, it warms the product, which makes it melt into my skin for a super natural-looking finish. It’s also really subtle when dabbed on my browbones, Cupid’s bow, and other areas of the face.

Have you tried this, or any other RMS products? What did you think?rms2

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