Rock Out with Bobbi Brown’s New ‘Extreme Party’ Mascara

extreme party mascaraIt’s not often that Ms. Bobbi Brown debuts a new mascara, so when she does, she’s usually spot-on. I love that the queen of natural beauty is letting loose lately and turning up the volume on her latest releases (read more about that here). Enter Extreme Party mascara ($22), the latest in Bobbi’s drama-queen/party-girl phase.

Extreme Party is just that: a glamorous fete for your lashes. This mascara was made to recreate the false-eyelash effect without the actual pain-in-the-butt effort of applying falsies. The wide brush is densely-packed with soft bristles that are designed to grab each and every lash — even the tiny, hard-to-reach ones in the inner corners — and extend them to dramatic lengths while simultaneously plumping them up. The formula is thick and dark, and is made to be easily layered in multiple coats without clumping or looking spidery. All of these properties make for an intense mascara that combines volume, length, and inky color for showstopping lashes. Perfect for a night out or paired with a mostly-bare face for day, this mascara is sure to give you notice-me lashes that look real (even better than falsies!).

All this, packaged in a sleek, very un-Bobbi-ish metal tube. I’m liking this new side of Bobbi Brown.

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One Response to Rock Out with Bobbi Brown’s New ‘Extreme Party’ Mascara

  1. Jenny says:

    I love this new mascara. I don’t usually like Bobbi’s mascaras, but this one really thickens up my lashes and is nice and dark.

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