Shiseido Lacquer Rouge

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge ($25) is a new liquid lipcolor that provides rich color in just one coat. It was inspired by Japanese Lacquerware, the shiny, reflective glaze you typically see on bento boxes. That patent-like shine was captured in this new gloss, and gives lips a luxuriously shiny dose of color. Unlike traditional lipstick, this liquid lipcolor hydrates and smooths lips, leaving your lips as even as lacquer.

Keep reading for shade names and photos.

Available in the following shades (pictured above, left to right):

  • Drama (deep bloodred)
  • Savage (earthy brown)
  • Portrait (muted pink)
  • Disco (hot pink)
  • Nymph (intense rose)
  • Camel (classic beige)
  • Nocturne (deep, dark red)
  • Blaze (bright yellow-based orange)

The full range of shades are available now on Shiseido’s website (see the link at the start of this post).

Image via Shiseido

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