Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit

sigma-brow-designThe Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit ($69) has literally everything a girl needs to get polished, shapely brows. I know it’s pricey, but it includes tools and products that it will take forever to use up entirely.

Included in this do-it-all kit is 5 brow powders, a dual-ended brow pencil (medium & dark), dual-ended brow gel (clear & tinted), dual-ended highlighter (matte & shimmer), slant-tip tweezer, brow scissors, 3 brow stencils, a double-ended angled brow/spoolie brush, and a sharpener.

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The brow powders are diverse in terms of shade, and will suit almost all hair colors. They come in the following shades:

  • Bella (a pale taupe)
  • Chloe (warm light brown)
  • Scarlett (cool light brown)
  • Valentina (deep cool brunette)
  • Natasha (deep warm brunette)

If you’ve never had your brows professionally shaped, I’d recommend doing that, and then following the shape your brow pro gives you to fill them in and define them. And then you can toss the included stencils unless your brows are really beyond repair and you need serious help filling them in. These stencils vary by thickness, not shape, so the shape may not entirely suit your facial features.

I still recommend going to a professional for an initial shaping, or if you’ve botched your brows beyond repair, but this kit is a nice way to extend the time between appointments and keep your brows looking great every day. You’ll use the included tools, specifically the tweezers and brow scissors, and dual-ended spoolie brush, forever

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