Stick Straight: Bumble & bumble Concen-straight

Got unruly curls or waves that you just want to tame? Sick of spending hours blowing out your frizzy locks into straight strands? Bumble and bumble Concen-straight ($45) is a new, single-use treatment that smooths and tames frizz for up to 30 shampoos. Unlike some pricey salon straightening treatments, this won’t damage your hair, and you can use it on color-treated tresses.

B&b attributes its power to the formula, which contains a “gemstone blend” of pearl, tourmaline, sapphire powder, and Brazilian green malachite. This potent cocktail relaxes the “inner S-bonds” that give hair its wave. The amino acid polylysine refines the S-bonds to make hair smoother and appear glossier. Silicone is added to the mix to seal in the treatment and set the hair in a straight line.

But, you can’t just apply this treatment and expect salon-quality results. Click through to find out what B&b recommends to maximize the impact of this treatment.

For max effectiveness, B&B recommends using their Straight shampoo prior to applying the treatment, and skipping the conditioner after. They also advise using Straight shampoo and conditioner for the next 30 days to further assist the hair in flattening out. If you’re blow-drying your mane, they say to use their Straight styling gel on damp locks.

So, after adding all these products up, this does have the potential to turn into a pricey treatment. But if you’re not willing to drop the dough on a salon straightening treatment, this could be a less-expensive alternative. And if you choose to forgo the recommend B&b products, your hair will still be straight, just not like a sheet of glass. Either way, don’t expect the results you’d get from a salon treatment that will run you up to $600.

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2 Responses to Stick Straight: Bumble & bumble Concen-straight

  1. Leila says:

    Great post! But it’s still lovely when you can go to the salon for the occasional pampering session! My hair needs to be revived after the winter!

  2. Erika says:

    I wonder if this really works??

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