Tarte Amazonian Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel

tarte-brow-gel copyemojisHands in the air for Tarte!! Given my neverending obsession with brow products, I had to try Tarte’s new tinted brow gel as soon as I heard about it. This little powerhouse has me super excited.

I’ve been using the new Amazonian Colored Clay Tinted Brow Gel ($21) for about a month, and I’m a fan. I got the taupe shade because I’m blonde, but it also comes in Medium Brown (for redheads and light-brown-haired gals) and Rich Brown (for brunettes and raven-haired ladies). The genius lies not only in the product, but in the package design and product delivery.

The brush is tiny. I mean, super itty-bitty. And it’s perfect that way. Why do companies make brow products with mascara-sized wands? They’re too big, rendering them ineffective. This little wand was designed to fit the natural arch of the brow. It sweeps along the brow perfectly, depositing color to brow hairs, and doesn’t get product everywhere. The gel not only coats the brow hairs, it lays on the skin beneath your brows, so it doesn’t wear off during the day (but is a cinch to take off at the end of the day).

tarte-brow-gel2The taupe shade is beautiful and natural on me, given my fair skin and blonde hair. It’s not too dark, and looks just right with my brows. Even if your complexion is a little darker, you could still wear this shade.

Keep reading for more deets on this fab product.

This doesn’t hold quite as well as a traditional brow gel. If your brows need a little taming, I recommend using a clear gel on top of this (I do, and it works great).

One thing to mention: if you have some sparse or bald spots throughout your brows, this will cover them up and make them blend in with the rest of your brow. But if your brows begin or end too far in, this may not be the best product for you. I’ve noticed that it does need some hair to cling to in order to look natural; if you apply it directly to skin, it doesn’t adhere as well, looks a little unnatural, and tends to fade relatively quickly. If you need help at the start or tail or your brows, your best option is probably still a pencil.

Bottom line: This is a quick and precise way to fill in or touch up your brows, especially if you’re in a hurry. The tiny wand eliminates mess and provides accurate, targeted application. It’s long-wearing, waterproof, and the taupe color is very natural.

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