Tarteguard SPF30

tarteguardI sometimes can’t stand putting tons of skincare products on my face in the morning. I feel like they can make my face feel somewhat sticky all day, and I hate that feeling. So it’s really hard for me to commit to wearing sunscreen every day. I’ve made daily sunscreen application a new year’s resolution for YEARS and still have not stuck to it. That’s got to change.

I originally started using the new Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion  ($32) because I liked the packaging. The bright purple bottle has a soft-touch feel to it, and is a fun alternative to most sunscreen tubes, which are super boring (and kind of serious looking). Since purchasing it, I’ve been SO GOOD about using it daily. My philosophy on sunscreen (and any product that I should be using regularly) is that if it’s in a package that makes you want to use it, buy it. Anything that encourages me to have better habits is fine by me. Bonus points if it looks pretty in my medicine cabinet, like this purple bottle!

Wearing sunscreen is important year-round, but I feel like people really start paying attention to it during the summer months. If you haven’t been using sunscreen, now is a great time to start making it a habit!

Bottom line? Sunscreen. Every single day. Forever and ever. Promise.

Image via Tarte

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  1. Rachel says:

    Love your site, I’ve been reading it for years!!

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