Test-Driving Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

revlon-lash-potion-mascaraThe commercials for Revlon’s new Lash Potion mascara ($8) look simply magical. Emma Stone applies it to her black-rimmed eyes in a dark room filled with orbs of light. The whole vibe is that this “potion” is magic for your lashes that promises to deliver “spellbinding volume” and “supernatural length,” in the words of Revlon.

So…does it make good on its promises?

Here’s the deal: the wand on this brush is great. Revlon calls it a “triple-groove wand” that is made to comb through lashes for clump-free definition.

revlon-lash-potion2The mascara itself is formulated with proteins that are designed to help lash hairs get stronger and grow longer. Obviously, I don’t believe that any mascara is going to make your lashes grow longer, and this one certainly does not (as far as I can tell). Aside from that, the formula is very wet and thin…I’m not a fan of these types of mascaras because on me, they tend to make my lashes look wimpy and limp. And this mascara did just that. The volume that it promised was nowhere to be found on the first coat; in fact, the first coat barely did anything for my lashes. But the beauty of this mascara lies in its layerable quality; you can pile coats of this on, and lashes just get blacker and more pronounced without getting spider-like (ok, after about four coats, they do get spidery, but it tolerates multiple coats better than most mascaras).

On the upside, this mascara, which I bought in Blackest Black, is highly pigmented. It really does make an impact on the inky-black color alone. It leaves lashes soft and supple, not brittle or crispy. It also wore well on me, lasting for most of the workday without flaking or falling out.

Bottom line: If you like really dark, wet formulas, this mascara could be your new favorite. If you’re a fan of thicker, drier formulas, like me, you should probably pass on this one.

I have a makeup bag stashed in my desk drawer at work for moments when I need touch-ups during the day, or when I leave the house in a rush with my face only half done. I fill this bag with products I don’t love, but I’m not ready to give up on just yet. This mascara was relegated to the desk-drawer makeup bag after four uses. It just doesn’t cut it for an everyday mascara for me, but I’ll keep it on hand for workday touch-ups (and because the tube is cute).

Have you tried Lash Potion? Thoughts?revlon-lash-potion3

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