The Best Dry Shampoos/Texture Sprays

best-texturizers-dry-shampoosDry shampoo is one of my deserted island products; I truly cannot live without it. I use it to freshen up my roots in between washes, extend the life of my blowout, and give texture and movement to beach waves. Since dry shampoos and texturing sprays are basically interchangeable, I’ve compiled my favorites here. I would love to know what your favorites are in the comments!

1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($46): No surprise here; this really is the best for getting lived-in beachy waves with volume and body. I know the price is astronomically high, but it really does give me the texture texture and finish I’m looking for, and it really holds the volume when I spray it under my roots. Nothing else comes close, except…

2. Oribe Apres Beach Spray ($42): To me, there is little difference between this and the Dry Texturizing Spray, except that this does create a bit more of a wave in hair. I spray and scrunch it over slept-in hair that hasn’t been curled to create movement and body. But these products are so similar, you do not need both!

3. Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Unscented Dry Shampoo ($5): If you’re looking for an unscented version, this is the only alternative I’ve found. On days when I just don’t want the smell of a product to linger for hours, or if I’ll be in the car with my husband (who is sensitive to smells), I’ll use this. It texturizes nicely and is great for freshening roots and giving hair an overall volume boost.

4. IGK Beach Club Texture Spray ($29): This smells like the beach, so right off the bat, it’s awesome. It creates more of a piecey/twisty look…like true just-from-the-beach, windblown-from-salt-air hair — not beach waves created with a curling iron. It works to enhance your hair’s natural texture.

5. Drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 Texturizer ($26): This texturizer refreshes day-old (or days-old) blowouts, tousles hair, injects volume, and creates matte texture. It’s really lovely on waves and curls, but can be used to pump up and bodify straight hair, too.

6. Kristin Ess Dry Finish Working Texture Spray ($14): From a celebrity stylist who boasts a roster of clients whose hair I absolutely adore (like Lauren Conrad) comes the Kristin Ess haircare line, available exclusively at Target. Beachy, piecey waves are effortless with a few sprays of this (especially on ends). If you’re sensitive to fragrance, use sparingly.

7. R + Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo ($29): Bear with me: this is a very dry dry shampoo. It feels like a powdery spray. The spritz really mattifies strands, and if you use it liberally, it ends up being too much (at least on my hair, which leans toward the dry side). A few sprays is all you need for hair that looks purposely slept-in.

8. Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray ($26): From the line of another celebrity stylist (Jen Atkin, most famous for styling the Kardashian manes) comes another great texturizer. Like the other celeb-created product on here, the fragrance of this is strong (to me it’s rose-y), but the end result is gorgeous hair. If scents don’t bother you, you will love this.

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  1. Lauren Will says:

    So many fab picks!! Have you ever tried Khlorane? It’s the best dry shampoo I’ve ever tried. It’s a bit tricky to find sometimes, but the search is definitely worth it!

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