The Big Bang Theory

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Bangs are everywhere! And yes, I’m biased because I recently got some trimmed into my hair (again). Almost all my life, I’ve had some iteration of bangs — starting with the short ‘do and forehead-skimming thick bangs during my toddler years, the scary ’80s teased bangs of my childhood, and the half-teased, half-wispy ones I sported during my early high school years. I eventually progressed into a more sophisticated style, with sideswept bangs of varying lengths, and now full, blunt bangs for the second time in as many years. The only time I didn’t have some sort of a bang was in college, when I was too fed up with spending forever trying to tame them. But I never felt totally comfortable without them; I think my (very round) face just looks better with bangs.

This is one trend that will be sticking around for quite some time; it may change shape, but any way you look at it, bangs will always be a part of American hair styles.

If you considering taking the plunge, go for a style you feel comfortable with and that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you’re a wash-and-go girl, bangs may not be best for you. I pulled together an inspiration gallery (after the jump) to get your ideas flowing!

Resources for Bangs

And now, onto the photos….

These photos (from Pinterest, of course) are great examples of different types of bang styles. Take a peek; maybe you’ll find your new hairstyle here!

Heidi Klum’s bangs are pure perfection: eye-grazing and tapered on the edges for a really flattering, face-framing effect. The queen of the sideswept bang: Nicole Richie.

Bangs also look edgy with ombre hair. Image via The Beauty Department (That’s blogger Jaclyn from Aniston’s long swideswept bangs give off a carefree, effortless vibe.When bangs have a bit more volume at the crown, they have an alluring, retro look to them. Reminds me of what you’d see in movies from the late ’60s/early ’70s.Kim Kardashian keeps hers extra long for versatility: this long layer can pass for sideswept bangs or be tucked behind her ear for a sleeker look.J.Lo’s wispy fringe is a little retro, and very chic.Messy-on-purpose bangs are best when they’re rough-cut with texture.A light blonde Emma Stone opts for a classic style.

Will you be jumping on the bangwagon any time soon?

All images via Pinterest unless otherwise noted.

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  1. Karey says:

    Obsessed with bangs lately! Great post.

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