The Do-It-All Hair Finisher

fekkai-glossing-creamSometimes, I’ll actually leave my house in the morning without using any product on my hair except dry shampoo. On those days, my hair usually looks blah, dull…just generally not so hot. Lately, I’ve been taking the extra two seconds to run Fekkai Advanced Brilliant Glossing Cream ($25) through my hair.

What a difference this product makes. It gives it glossiness through what Fekkai calls an “advanced technology encapsulated shine-release complex.” Basically what that means is that there are microscopic spheres of olive oil suspended in this cream. When you apply the cream to your hands or spread into your hair, those tiny beads burst, releasing pure olive oil into your tresses. This results in shine, brilliance, glossiness, and just generally good-looking hair. There is something about this product that does it all: tames flyaways, makes strands shiny, makes hair move better, and slices through frizz. It instantly takes my hair from blah to wow, like a little miracle worker.

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