The Greatest Concealer on Earth

amazing-cosmetics-amazing-concealerI haven’t talked about this at all, but 2017 was the year my skin completely freaked out. I developed adult onset acne–persistent cystic acne that formed deep within my skin and lasted for weeks to months. It was the worst my skin has ever been in my life (my teenage years were a breeze compared to this). How I got it under control is a story for another time, as it’s still an ongoing process, but how I dealt with covering it every day is what I’m talking about today.

The acne itself was very difficult to cover throughout all cycles of breakouts. The eruptions left lingering red marks on my skin that lasted well after the acne had healed. Concealing the acne and scars seemed impossible. I tried so many products that did nothing, and facing the world with a horrible complexion made me extremely self-conscious. I was at my wit’s end.

And then in early December, my mom gave me a beauty box filled with products, and tucked inside was Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ($28). I figured I’d try it, because I was desperate.

amazing-concealer2Honestly, my life changed as soon as I blended it into my skin.

If you’re struggling with acne in any form, please read on!

amazing-concealer-3This concealer is truly the only full-coverage option I’ve ever tried. It covers everything; I’ve even read that it conceals tattoos. Honestly, my cystic acne was so red, inflamed, and painful, but it was no match for this concealer. The tiniest dab covered every single zit I had, no matter how intense. It totally masked redness, both from fresh acne and leftover scars.

Despite the fact that it’s full-coverage, it doesn’t look cakey. When I first used it, I made the mistake of using way too much; the tiniest dab will cover multiple areas of the face. If you pile it on, it does sit on the skin; but use sparingly, and it blends right in.

It blends seamlessly into skin. You can apply it before foundation or tinted moisturizer (and any other products), and it doesn’t wear off. Once it’s on your skin, it doesn’t budge. It is not difficult to remove at night; washing with a gentle cleanser will take it right off.

I got the Light Beige shade. The brand offers this concealer in 19 shades to match a wide array of skin tones and types.

Honestly, this concealer saved my skin, my self-confidence, and overall just made me a happier person. How many beauty products can you really say that about? If you have acne that’s difficult to cover, I cannot recommend this product enough. It’s the only concealer I’ll ever buy again. It’s truly lives up to its name: amazing.amazing-concealer-4And since I’ve tried SO MANY concealers before finding this holy grail product, check back tomorrow for a concealer roundup! I’ll be providing quick reviews on all the concealers I tested in 2017!


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