The Latest Buzz in Makeup Application

pop-beauty-bufferThe beauty world is buzzing–literally–about a new way to apply makeup. Pop Beauty Buzzing Beauty Buffer ($28) is a vibrating sponge-tip applicator that buffs product into your skin for what Pop calls a seamless, flawless finish. It can be used with liquid, cream, mousse, or powder formulas.

Although vibrations are big in the beauty realm (just ask Clarisonic devotees), I’m skeptical about this one for several reasons.

1. The applicator is really just a reusable flat sponge. The kind you’ve most likely used before. And it’s $28.
2. It’s deceptively small. A small brush surface means it covers less real estate on your face, which can mean more time spent applying makeup.
3. It seems like this would be a total bitch to clean.
4. It’s battery-powered, meaning you are going to have to deal with the hassle of changing batteries (certainly not a dealbreaker, but worth mentioning).
5. I’m not sold that vibrations will make my makeup go on any smoother than a regular old brush will.

My verdict: I’ll stick with my trusty, old-fashioned foundation brush.

Is this something you’d try?pop-buzzing-buffer2

Images via Ulta

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2 Responses to The Latest Buzz in Makeup Application

  1. Leah says:

    I am so curious as to if this actually works. I love my clarisonic now, and this kind of seems like an idea in the same ballpark, but with applying makeup. Still think I will stick to my brushes though too!

    • sugarsocial says:

      Hey Leah! I am sort of curious too, but I’ve read a few reviews and they all agree with what I said, so I think I’ll pass.

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