The Year in Beauty: 2013

At the end of every year, I love taking a look back at the biggest beauty crazes of the past 12 months. Here are the beauty trends and innovations of 2013 all in one post.

sephora-pantone-iqSephora + Pantone Color IQ System
Mismatched foundation that looks all wrong on you is a thing of the past at Sephora. The beauty megabrand partnered with Pantone to develop an in-store device that color-matches the exact shade of your skin. (The device was originally developed for interior designers to color-match swatches, and with a few tweaks, it was ready to go to work on your complexion.) A sales associate holds the device up to your makeup-free skin, and it shines nine different LED lights on your face that detect your undertones while a camera snaps exactly 27 photos of your face. The device then spits out your skintone code–which just so happens to coordinate with Sephora’s foundation inventory. The sales associate can then direct you to the best fits for your skin throughout the store to make your shopping painless and quick.

kimkPKMBaby Bumps
Princess Kate & Kim Kardashian were the subject of tabloid love/abuse when they bared their baby bumps this year. Who was more chic? You decide. (Images of Kate Middleton and Kim via PopSugar)

vaseline spray & goVaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer (approx. $7.50)
A spray-on, hydrating moisturizer that dries in seconds so you can get dressed immediately after. Oh, and it’s not greasy at all. Why didn’t someone think of this sooner?

pantone-emeraldPantone Color of the Year: Emerald
Pantone strikes again on the list, declaring emerald the official color of 2013. And women everywhere went crazy for it, from fashion to beauty.

cara delevgineBold Brows
Blame it on Cara Delevigne…bold brows aren’t going anywhere. They’re here to stay, so sharpen your pencils, restock your powders or gels, and get ready to amp up some seriously thick arches…cause they’ll be just as strong in 2014.

garnier olia haircolor Garnier Olia Permanent Haircolor ($10)
At-home haircolor got a million times easier this year, thanks to Garnier. The Olia haircolor system is formulated with monoethanolamine (MEA), an odorless compound that opens hair cuticles a tiny bit (as opposed to leaving then wide open, like traditional box kit dyes). A blend of oils helps usher the color in, and conditioning agents close the cuticle to seal in color. It’s like a science experiment that yields rich, shiny, permanent color.

ciate-caviarTextured Nails
I’m convinced that nail art is never going away. Ciate’s Caviar Mani, pictured above, paved the way for textured nail art. These micro-pearls are applied on top of wet polish to give nails dimension. It kicked off a whole new texturized trend that includes velvet, speckled…even wool polish textures. Too much? 2014 will tell.

What were your favorite trends of 2013? Which do you hope to kiss goodbye in the new year?

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