theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer

marylou1Meet your new favorite highlighter. Her name is Mary-Lou and she is fierce!

I’ll admit I jumped on this bandwagon totally late. But I’m here, and that’s what matters, because theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer ($24) is the most insanely amazing highlighter ever. (Yeah, I just declared it the best ever.)

This highlighter really pops on the skin. It just lights up the whole face. It’s a champagne shade that’s loaded with pigment, so it’s super shimmery…but yet, when you brush it on, it just makes you glow. It doesn’t look glittery or disco-ball-esque. I personally love when you get a beautiful shimmer on cheekbones from a highlighter, so this is right up my alley.

marylou3If you like a very subtle highlight, this is not for you. It will be way too much. But if you’re into a serious pop of shimmer on your cheeks and the other high points of your face, this highlighter will skyrocket into your top fave products. I’m getting married in October, and I will be wearing this on my wedding day. That’s how much I love it! (It also photographs beautifully.)

Here are two swatches on my hand:marylouswatches

I think there are two camps in the beauty world: those who like a cream/liquid illuminator, and those who prefer a powder formula. I was always a cream/liquid fan. I thought the natural dewiness of the formula lent more glow to the complexion. Wet formulas also melt into skin to give a lit-from-within glow that looks natural yet noticeable. I still love cream highlighters, but Mary-Lou Manizer has changed the way I think about powder highlighters. This does not sit on top of skin or settle into pores the way a lot of powder luminzers do; it glides over skin effortlessly and creates a beautiful, luminous veil of light. For me, powder has always been faster to apply, so that’s an added bonus.

marylou2The champagne shade truly is universally flattering. You can put it on any skin tone and it will complement it. If you’re a freelance makeup artist, this would be a great staple for your kit, because anybody can wear it.

This can also double as an eyeshadow, just as any other powder highlighter. Nothing unique to this product, but worth a mention.

Have you tried Mary-Lou Manizer? What’s your favorite illuminator? Spill in the comments! Also, I’m thinking about doing a post on my favorite highlighters, so let me know if you’d like to see that!marylou6

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