Urban Decay Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

urban-spectrumPart of Urban Decay’s Holiday 2015 collection is the Urban Spectrum Palette ($55), which contains 15 jewel-toned and neutral eyeshadows. Every shadow is full-sized, so this is offered at an incredible price, considering individual UD eyeshadows are $19. All shadows in the palette are shimmery, and range from a pale tan to a deep, dark inky blue. I typically lean toward neutral shadows, but I wanted to get this to expand my collection and push myself a little bit out of my comfort zone. It’s a great addition to an established makeup collection.

This is not a standalone palette; you will need some matte and satin shades to complement all the shimmer going on here. Once I supplemented this with matte neutrals, I was surprised at the versatility of these shades. They can be used to add depth to a look, to bring a highlight to the eye, or to add a pop of color. I wouldn’t wear these shadows on their own (too much for me–but if you’re into it, go for it!), but once I started pairing them with matte neutrals, it opened a whole new range of looks for me.

Here are close-ups of the shades.urban-spectrum1urban-spectrum2urban-spectrum4
So should you invest in this particular palette? See what I think after the jump.

Shades in the palette are:

Protest: forest green shimmer
Junkie: midtone teal-green with microglitter
Deep End: bright teal shimmer
Madness: bright metallic blue with blue microglitter
Evidence: deep navy shimmer
Prank: deep matte navy with turquoise pearl
Omen: bright metallic purple with blue shift
Flashback: bright deep purple with pink sparkle
Voodoo: metallic purple shimmer with purple microglitter
Flatline: metallic pale pink
Bordello: pale mauve shimmer with gold microglitter
Backlash: metallic hot pink
Daybreak: soft bronze with silver glitter (the chunkiest glitter of the palette)
Burn: medium golden brown shimmer
West: deep metallic brown shimmer

urban-spectrum-paletteHere’s where this palette falls short for me: the packaging. When you first open it, it’s beautiful. The lid has a soft, rubbery texture to it, with [plastic] jeweled UD lettering. But for me, the pros end there. The whole thing is large, clunky, and flimsy. The lid lifts right off; there’s no hinge or anything securing it to the palette. It’s also very loosely placed on top, making it impossible to travel with. I decided to depot this palette into a Z Palette (a life-changer!), but the process was a huge headache. The actual shadows are on one piece of plastic that lifts out of the palette (which is lined with a velvety material and can be reused). Each shadow pan was so jammed into its little nook that I had a hard time even working a knife in to loosen them. I broke all but two three of the shadows in the palette. (Now you see why I wrote yesterday’s post!) Additionally, I broke a knife (the blade snapped in half as I was trying to wedge it under a pan), and made a huge mess; there was eyeshadow everywhere. You have to leave it on a vanity, or you risk making a mess and ruining the shadows, which is why I thought depotting was necessary.

depotted-urban-spectrumKnow how most blogs carefully curate their photos and only show you the best ones? That’s not happening here. I am posting the photo above, showing the depotted shadows, so you can see the condition they are in after depotting. You can see that most of them are sporting divots; that’s where the knife went into the shadow. I tried smoothing these out with rubbing alcohol to put them back together again. It did work, but the shadows are no longer pretty (as you can see!). They do apply the same, except for the shadow “Prank,” the second from the left in the bottom row; that one took a hit and I think I saturated it with too much alcohol. It’s applying a bit sheer now. All shadows are definitely still useable.

urban-spectrum-boxSo, in a nutshell, this palette is ideal if you’re looking to expand your shadow wardrobe and if you don’t intend on taking it anywhere. If you want to take it on the go, be prepared for the depotting process and have a bottle of rubbing alcohol on hand.

The Urban Spectrum Palette will be available soon at Urban Decay’s website, Sephora, Ulta, and select Nordstrom and Macy’s.

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3 Responses to Urban Decay Urban Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Lanu says:

    actually horrified that you did this to a gorgeous set of eyeshadows. you could have kept the outer sleeve on or put the entire thing in a zip lock or make-up bag. No need for the massacre!

    • sugarsocial says:

      They are still beautiful and in great shape, so no harm done! They wear just as gorgeously as they did in their original packaging. But lesson learned, I won’t do it again!

  2. cherry says:

    same problem with the one “prank” too.
    it cracked during depotting and i tried to fix with rubbing alcohol .
    not pigmented enough anymore 🙁

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