Vampire Beauty: Twilight Lip Venom

Twlight VenomFans of Twilight, True Blood, and other vampire-inspired pop culture staples, listen up: DuWop has released a limited edition version of its iconic Lip Venom, the first lip plumper to hit the beauty market back in 2000. Say hello to Twilight Venom ($16), a shimmering blood-red lip stain suspended in lip-enhancing conditioner (aka venom). Your very own personal vial of “TruBlood.”

Twilight Venom has all the plumping properties as original Venom: it is full of avocado, olive, and argan oils, with a healthy dose of moisturizing vitamin E. It stings just like Venom, and will increase circulation and blood flow in the lips, making them puffier and poutier. All this plus the added bonus of a blood-red stain on lips…mimicking the effect of a vampire having just takenĀ  a nice, long drink.

Vampire stuff is all the rage, so stake (pun intended) your claim. Shake the vial before applying to get that realistic blood-droplet look, swipe on lips, feel the burn, and bare those fangs.

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