Weekend Snapshots

This weekend finally started to feel like summer. Although it was low-key, it was filled with lots of sunshine, time spent outdoors…and a cool, sweet treat.

The weekend started with cocktails infused with fresh pineapple…yum! My cousin Mia & I loved these.

Picked up this amazing silk cheetah-print scarf at H&M…for $9. The woman in the store next to me was going nuts, saying it looked like the Hermes scarf her sister just bought for $450. I just bought it because it’s got a cheetah on it. (It also has a pink and leopard print mixed in…major score.)

Planted these dahlias, sweet Williams, and geraniums in the garden…

…and this hydrangea bush, too. Hoping they bloom soon.

Tried out a new mascara, Benefit’s They’re Real!…but I didn’t like it. (Everybody raves about it, but it didn’t hold a curl for me at all, and gave me smudgy spider lashes.)

And this is how we ended the weekend, watching Mad Men (and maybe Keeping Up With the Kardashians).

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  1. Haley says:

    Love these posts, keep em coming!

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