You Glow, Girl: Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls

I’ve been wanting to write about this fantastic product for awhile, but hesitated because it’s been so humid and, as a result, I’ve been all about creamy products. But this is just too good not to talk about!

Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls ($14) is supercute at first glance: a delicate dial of shimmery pearls neatly arranged in a clear compact. Each pearl varies slightly in color, in pale shades of nude to blush to the faintest hint of bronze.

This powder highlighter is a superstar out of the compact, too: it gives your skin the prettiest lit-from-within glow that looks 100% real, like you have naturally gorgeous skin. It doesn’t have that weird effect where it looks like shimmer powder just sitting on top of your skin; it really seems to blend into the skin and give the illusion that it really is your skin. I think this is in part because of the awesome micro-fine shimmer in the powder; it’s milled to be so tiny, it’s practically microscopic, which imparts a natural glow instead of a caked-on-glitter look.

Now, the technical stuff: it’s packed with ingredients that won’t harm or irritate your skin, and hypoallergenic. And it’s got the stamp of approval from dermatologists.

Kind of makes you glow, doesn’t it?

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